Review Articles

Fundamental insights into the interaction between telomerase/TERT and intracelular signaling pathways
Roles of telomeres and telomerase in age-related renal disease (Review)
Diabetes, metabolic disease, and telomere length Cheng et al
Telomerase Regulation: A Role for Epigenetics Dogan & Forsynth
The Relationship Between Vitamin D and Telomere/Telomerase: A Comprehensive Review Zarei et al
Telomerase as a Therapeutic Target in Cardiovascular Disease Hoffmann et al
Alternative path to telomere elongation Lee et al
The role of telomerase and viruses interaction in cancer development, and telomerase-dependent therapeutic approaches Salimi-Jeda et al
Telomere Dynamics and Telomerase in the Biology of Hair Follicles and their Stem Cells as a Model for Aging Research Stone et al
Pulmonary Fibrosis Predisposition Overview Garcia et al
TERRA Gene Expression in Gastric Cancer: Role of hTERT Vahidi & Samadani
Germline MC1R variants and frequency of somatic BRAF, NRAS, TERT mutations in melanoma: Literature review and meta-analysis Zanna et al
The Connection Between Cell Fate and Telomere Engin & Engin
Telomere Replication: Solving Multiple End Replication Problems Bonell et al
Role of Telomeres Shorterning in Artherogenesis: An Overview Yegorov et al
TERT Promoter Alterations in Glioblastoma: A Systematic Review Olympios et al
Human TERT promoter mutations as a prognostic biomarker in glioma Powter et al
hTERT, hTR, and TERT promoter mutations as markers for urological cancers detection: A systematic review Morozov et al
Telomere Length as a Marker of Biological Age: State-of-the-Art, Open Issues, and Future Prespectives Vaiserman & Krasnienkov
Molecular mechanisms of telomere biology disorders Grill & Nandakumar
When the Ends Justify the Means: Regulation of Telomere Addition at Double-Strand Breaks in Yeast Hoerr et al
Potential of Naturally Derived Compounds in Telomerase and Telomere Modulation in Skin Senescence and Aging Jacczak et al
Telomere Length and Oxidative Stress and Its Relation with Metabolic Syndrome Components in the Aging Gavia-García
Telomerase in Brain: The New Kid on the Block and Its Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases Saretzki & Wan
Shaping human telomeres: from shelterin and CST complexes to telomeric chromatin organization Lim & Cech
PCNA, a focus on replication stress and the alternative lengthening of telomeres pathway Shen et al
Regulation of human telomerase in homeostasis and disease
Small-Molecule PAPD5 Inhibitors Restore Telomerase Activity in Patient Stem Cells
Telomerase-based Cancer Therapeutics: A Review on their Clinical Trials Relitti et al
The Solo Play of TERT Promoter Mutations Hafezi & Bercoff
Correlation between IDH, ATRX, and TERT promoter mutations in glioma Ohba et al
Structural biology of telomeres and telomerase Smith et al
Therapeutic strategies for targeting telomerase in cancer Chen et al
Telomerase reactivation is associated with hepatobiliary and pancreatic cancers Sansone et al
Telomerase and telomeres in aging theory and chronographic aging theory (Review) Razgonova et al
Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (TERT) Regulation in Thryoid Cancer McKelvey et al
Composition and Function of Telomerase- A Polymerase Associated with the Origin of Euaryotes Schrumpofova & Fajkus
In silico design of telomerase inhibitors Baginski & Serbakowska
Telomeres and Telomerase in the Development of Liver Cancer Stroth et al
Telomeres and Telomerase in Heart Ontogenesis, Aging and Regeneration Nalobin et al
Telomerase activation in the treatment of aging or degenerative diease: a systematic review Prieto-Oliveira
Small-Molecule PAPD5 Inhibitors Restore Telomerase Activity in Patient Stem Cells
Potential Telomere-Related Pharmacological Targets Berel et al
Telomerase RNA processing: Implications for human health and disease Nagpal & Agarwal
The secrets of telomerase: Retrospective analysis and future prospects Kamal et al
Human Telomerase RNA: Telomerase Component or More? Rubtsova & Dontsova
POT1-TPP1 telomere length regulation and disease Aramburu et al
Telomeres and telomerase in oncogenesis Trybek et al
Telomere-related Markers for Cancer Yuan et al
Structural Features of Nucleoprotein CST/Shelterin Complex Involved in the Telomere Maintenance and Its Association with Disease Mutations Amir et al
Noncoding RNAs Controlling Telomere Homeostasis in Senescence and Aging Rossi & Gorospe
Telomerase: Key regulator of inflammation and cancer Wu et al
Targeting telomerase for cancer therapy Guterres & Villanueva
Modulation of telomerase expression and function by miRNAs: Anti-cancer potential Salamati et al
Telomeres and Telomere Length: A General Overview Srinivas et al
Telomere length and telomerase activity in osteoporosis and osteoarthritis Fragkiadaki et al
Therapeutic Targets in Telomerase and Telomere Biology of Cancers Prasad et al
G-Quadruplexes at Telomeres: Friend or Foe? Bryan
Crossroads of telomere biology and anticancer drug discovery Seimiya
Telomerase structures and regulation: shedding light on the chromosome end
Spectrum of TERT promoter mutations and mechanisms of activation in thyroid cancer
Telomeres and telomerase: three decades of progress Shay & Wright
The role of telomeres and telomerase in cirrhosis and liver cancer Nault et al
Telomerase Reverse Transcriptase (TERT) in Action: Cross-Talking with Epigenetics Yuan & Xu
Mitochondria, Telomeres and Telomerase Subuits Zheng et al
The telomere world and aging: Analytical challenges and future perspectives Mensà et al
Roles of Telomere Biology in Cell Senescence, Replicative and Chronological Ageing Liu et al
Mechanisms underlying the activation of TERT transcription and telomerase activity in human cancer: old actors and new players Yuan et al
Structural Biology of Telomerase Wang et al
TERT promotermutation in solitary fibrous tumor
The role of TERT promoter mutations in postoperative and preoperative diagnosis and prognosis in thyroid cancer
New perspectives on telomerase RNA structure and function
Current Perspectives of Telomerase Structure and Function in Eukaryotes with Emerging Views on Telomerase in Human Parasites
Telomerase activity and telomere on stem progeny senescence
Telomerase Mechanism of Telomere Synthesis
Advances on the regulation of telomerase
Understanding TERT Promoter Mutations: A Common Path to Immortality
TERT promoter mutations in thyroid cancer Liu & Xing
Evolutionary perspectives of telomerase RNA structure and function Podlevsky & Chen
Glioma Groups Based on 1p/19q, IDH, and TERT Promoter Mutations in Tumors
Frequency of TERT promoter mutations in human cancers
Telomerase at the intersection of cancer and aging
Structure-function relationship and biogenesis regulation of the human telomerase holoenzyme
Telomere/telomerase interplay in virus-driven and virus-independent lymphomagenesis: pathogenic and clinical implications
It all comes together at the ends: telomerase structure, function, and biogenesis
Telomerase and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis Armanios
Telomeres and telomerase in Candida albicans Yu
Telomerase and the endocrine system
Medical genetics and epigenetics of telomerase
Role of telomeres and telomerase in cancer Shay & Wright
Single-molecule analysis of telomerase structure and function Hengesbach et al
Prevalence of telomerase activity in human cancer Chen & Chen
Telomerase: structure, functions, and activity regulation
Targeting telomerase in hematologic malignancy
Imetelstat (GRN163L)-- telomerase-based cancer therapy Roth et al
Telomerase as an emerging target to fight cancer-- opportunities and challenges for nanomedicine Philippi et al
Oestrogen, telomerase, ovarian ageing and cancer Li et al
InTERTpreting telomerase structure and function Wyatt et al
Syndromes of telomere shortening
Dyskeratosis congenita, stem cells and telomeres
Targeting the telosome: therapeutic D-c implications Folini et al
Telomerase regulation in D-c hematological cancers: a matter of stemness Deville et al
Targeting critical steps of D-c cancer metastasis and recurrence using telomerase template antagonists Dikmen et al
Telomere length maintenance in stem cell populations Allen et al
Telomere maintenance: all's well that ends well Liew et al
Chromosome end maintenance by telomerase Osterhage et al
Telomerase structure paves the way for new cancer therapies Skordalakes
Advances in the understanding of dyskeratosis congenita Walne et al
The promise of telomere length, TERT/ telomerase activity and its regulation in the translocation-dependent cancer D-c ESFT; clinical challenges and utility Proctor et al
Telomere heterogeneity: taking advantage of stochastic Tomaska et al
Telomeres do the (un)twist: helicase actions at chromosome termini Chavez et al
Dyskerin, telomerase and the DNA damage response Gu et al
Telomeres and reproductive aging Keefe et al
Kleemeier Award Lecture 2008--the canary in the coal mine: telomeres and human healthspan Effros
Telomere shortening and ageing of the immune system
Cytogenetics for the study of telomere function in plants Siroky
Telomeres, telomerase and senescence.
Telomere capping and cellular checkpoints: clues from ALT fruit flies Ciapponi et al
Regulation of telomere length in Drosophila Frydrychova et al
The number of dysfunctional telomeres in a cell: one amplifies; more than one translocate Tusell et al
Mechanisms of telomeric instability Baird
Telomeres, histone code, and DNA damage response Misri et al
Telomerase regulation at TERT the crossroads of cell fate Cukusi et al
Telomerase recruitment to telomeres Stern et al
Crosstalk between chromatin structure, nuclear compartmentalization, and telomere biology Gonzalez-Suarez et al
The telomeric transcriptome and SMG proteins at the crossroads Chawla et al
Telomere-associated proteins: cross-talk between telomere maintenance and telomere-lengthening mechanisms De Boeck et al
The levels of telomere-binding proteins in human TBP's tumours and therapeutic implications Cookson et al
Telomerase biogenesis: The long road before getting to the end Gallardo et al
The epidemiology of human telomeres: faults and promises Aviv
The telosome/shelterin complex and its functions Xin et al
Telomeres and telomerase in lung cancer Fernandez-Garcia et al
Telomere biology in heart failure Wong et al
Telomeric chromatin: roles in aging, cancer and hereditary disease McCord et al
G-quadruplex structure: a target for anticancer therapy and a probe for detection of potassium Chen et al
Understanding and exploiting D-c hTERT promoter regulation for diagnosis and treatment of human cancers Kyo et al
How shelterin protects mammalian telomeres Palm et al
How telomerase reaches its end: mechanism of telomerase regulation by the telomeric complex Bianchi et al
Telomeric nucleosomes: forgotten players at chromosome ends Pisano et al
Telomere maintenance in Drosophila: rapid transposon evolution at chromosome ends Villasante et al
The many faces of telomerase: emerging extratelomeric effects Bollmann
Different rates of telomere attrition in peripheral lymphocytes in a pair of dizygotic twins with hematopoietic chimerism Brüderlein et al
Actions of human telomerase beyond telomeres Cong et al
Actions of human telomerase beyond telomeres Pisano et al
ATM-like kinases and regulation of telomerase: lessons from yeast and mammals Sabourin et al
Predicted elements of telomere organization and function in Ustilago maydis Sánchez-Alonso et al
Telomere dysfunction and tumour suppression: D-c the senescence connection Deng et al
Telomerase inhibitors and 'T-oligo' as cancer therapeutics: contrasting molecular mechanisms of cytotoxicity Rankin et al
Telomeric nucleosomes: forgotten players at chromosome ends Pisano et al
Telomerase inhibitors and 'T-oligo' as cancer therapeutics: contrasting molecular mechanisms of cytotoxicity Rankin et al
Dual roles of telomere dysfunction in initiation and suppression of tumorigenesis Cosme-Blanco et al
Telomeres: the silence is broken Azzalin et al
Telomeres in drag: Dressing as DNA damage to engage telomerase Rog et al
Telomeres and aging Aubert et al
Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p16(INK4a) senes and telomerase may co-modulate endothelial progenitor cells senescence Yang et al
Telomere D-c length, telomeric proteins and genomic instability during the multistep carcinogenic process Raynaud et al
DNA damage response at functional and dysfunctional telomeres Longhese
Telomere capping in Drosophila: dealing with chromosome ends that most resemble DNA breaks Rong
Regulation of telomerase and telomeres: human tumor viruses take control Bellon et al
The role of telomere biology in bone marrow failure and other disorders Savage et al
Cellular senescence, cardiovascular risk, and CKD: a review of established and hypothetical interconnections Tsirpanlis
Drosophila telomeres: an exception providing new insights Mason et al
Telomere uncapping and alternative lengthening of telomeres
Telomerase, senescence and ageing Shawi et al
Telomere and adaptive immunity Weng
Telomere length inheritance and aging
Assessing ageing of individual T lymphocytes: mission impossible?
Ageing and atherosclerosis: Mechanisms and therapeutic options Costopoulos et al
Telomere stability and telomerase in mesenchymal stem cells Serakinci et al
Telomere length assessment: biomarker of chronic oxidative stress? Houben et al
Anticancer therapy targeting telomeres and telomerase: current status Parkinson et al
Telomeres: hallmarks of radiosensitivity Ayouaz et al
Dyskeratosis congenita: a genetic disorder of many faces Kirwan et al
Telomere dysfunction and telomerase activation in cancer--a pathological paradox? Calcagnile et al
Transcriptional regulation of telomerase activity: roles of the Ets transcription factor family Dwyer et al
DNA damage in telomeres and mitochondria during cellular senescence: is there a connection? Passos et al
Role of telomeres in vascular senescence Minamino et al
Studying telomeres in a longitudinal population based study De Meyer et al
Telomere dysfunction, genome instability and cancer Cheung et al
Telomeres II Baird
Telomeres, senescence, and hematopoietic stem cells Zimmermann et al
Budding yeast with human telomeres: a puzzling structure Auriche et al
Pharmacological intervention strategies for affecting telomerase activity: future prospects to treat cancer and degenerative disease Tárkányi et al
Telomere shortening and ageing Jiang et al
Alternative lengthening of telomeres (ALT) and chromatin: is there a connection? Nittis et al
Mechanisms of action of TGF-beta in cancer: evidence for Smad3 as a repressor of the hTERT gene Li et al
Targeting ALT: the role of alternative lengthening of telomeres in pathogenesis and prevention of cancer Bollmann
Telomere dysfunction in hypertension Fuster et al
Endings in the middle: current knowledge of interstitial telomeric sequences Lin et al
Human diseases of telomerase dysfunction: insights into tissue aging Garcia et al
Cryptic telomere imbalance: a 15-year update Ledbetter et al
Alternative ends: telomeres and meiosis Saint-André et al
Energetics of quadruplex-drug recognition in anticancer therapy Pagano et al
How telomeres are replicated Gilson et al
Telomeres and DNA double-strand breaks: ever the twain shall meet? Bailey et al
Telomeric position effect: from the yeast paradigm to human pathologies? Ottaviani et al
Telomere dynamics in human cells Baird
Dyskeratosis congenita: the diverse clinical presentation of mutations in the telomerase complex Vulliamy et al
Tankyrase function at telomeres, spindle poles, and beyond Hsiao et al
Targeting telomeres and telomerase De Cian et al
Targeting the limitless replicative potential of cancer: the telomerase/telomere pathway Kelland
Telomeres and telomerase in leukaemia and lymphoma Davison
Protection against chromosome degradation at the telomere Grandin et al
Telomere instability and cancer Londoño-Vallejo et al
Telomere length profiles in humans: all ends are not equal Gilson et al
Telomerase: a crucial player in HTLV-I-induced human T-cell leukemia Bellon et al
The cancer-aging interface and the significance of telomere dynamics in cancer therapy Tallen et al
Telomere regulation and function during meiosis Siderakis et al
Telomere dynamics: the means to an end Matulić et al
Extension of cell life span using exogenous telomerase Kang et al
Telomere length analysis Canela et al
Harnessing telomerase in cancer therapeutics Fakhoury et al
Structure of telomeric chromatin in Drosophila. Shpiz et al
Mutations of telomerase complex genes linked to bone marrow failures Yamaguchi
Telomerase and its potential for therapeutic intervention Phatak et al
Replication and protection of telomeres Verdun et al
Telomere biology of trypanosomatids: beginning to answer some questions Lira et al
Telomere maintenance in sarcomas Johnson et al
Soothing the watchman: telomerase reduces the p53-dependent cellular stress response Beliveau et al
Telomere biology of pediatric cancer Tabori et al
Telomere shortening & metabolic/vascular diseases Balasubramanyam et al
The cell division cycle puts up with unprotected telomeres: cell cycle regulated telomere uncapping as a means to achieve telomere homeostasis Vodenicharov et al
The human telomere and its relationship to human disease, therapy, and tissue engineering Moon et al
Telomeres and telomerase: Biological and clinical importance in dogs Nasir
Composition of plant telomeres Zellinger et al
The epigenetic regulation of mammalian telomeres Blasco
Telomere and telomerase in stem cells Hiyama et al
WRN at telomeres: implications for aging and cancer Multani et al
Telomerase: going beyond the ends De Semir et al
Telomerase expression in lung preneoplasia and neoplasia Lantuéjoul et al
Telomeres and telomerase as targets for cancer therapy Zimmermann et al
Telomeres in meiotic recombination: the yeast side story Joseph et al
Regulation of telomere movement by telomere chromatin structure Pandita et al
Telomeres and aging-related meiotic dysfunction in women Keefe et al
DNA damage responses in neural cells: Focus on the telomere Zhang et al
Hallmarks of telomeres in ageing research Shay et al
Telomeres rather than telomerase a key target for anti-cancer therapy? Boukamp et al
Telomerase RNA levels limit the telomere length equilibrium
Telomerase induction in T cells: a cure for aging and disease? Effros
Telomere biology and cardiovascular disease Fuster et al
Telomeres and telomerase in stem cells during aging and disease Ju et al
Telomeres Baird
Short telomeres: cause or consequence of aging? Hornsby
Human telomere biology: pitfalls of moving from the laboratory to epidemiology Aviv et al
Telomeres and human somatic fitness Aviv
Themes in ssDNA recognition by telomere-end protection proteins Croy et al
Telomere length dynamics in normal hematopoiesis and in disease states characterized by increased stem cell turnover Brümmendorf et al
Telomeres and telomerase. A survey about methods and recent advances in cancer diagnostic and therapy Weise et al
Targeting telomerase Siddiqa et al
Telomeres: prognostic markers for solid tumors Bisoffi et al
Intra-allelic mutation at human telomeres Britt-Compton et al
Are mouse telomeres going to pot? Baumann
Telomeres: cancer to human aging Stewart et al
Dyskeratosis congenita Vulliamy et al
The role of the nonhomologous end- joining DNA double-strand break repair pathway in telomere biology Riha et al
Telomerase as a clinical target: current strategies and potential applications Fleisig et al
The role of DNA damage response proteins at telomeres--an "integrative" model. Slijepcevic
Chromosomal telomere attrition as a mechanism for the increased risk of epithelial cancers and senescent phenotypes in type 2 diabetes Sampson et al
Diagnostics, prognostic and therapeutic exploitation of telomeres and telomerase in leukemias Deville et al
Telomeres and chromosome instability Murnane
Telomerase therapeutics for cancer: challenges and new directions Shay et al
The structure and function of telomerase reverse transcriptase Autexier et al
Break-induced replication and recombinational telomere elongation in yeast McEachern et al
Inside the mammalian telomere interactome: regulation and regulatory activities of telomeres Songyang et al
Telomere length homeostasis Hug et al
RNA interference has a role in regulating Drosophila telomeres Casacuberta et al
The telomere theory of reproductive senescence in women Keefe et al
Molecular basis for the cellular senescence program and its application to anticancer therapy Katakura
Structure and function of telomerase RNA Theimer et al
Telomeres, chromosome instability and cancer Bailey et al
The maintenance and masking of chromosome termini Bertuch et al
Telomeres and telomerase in cancer stem cells Ju et al
Repairing subtelomeric DSBs at the nuclear periphery Taddei et al
The role of telomeres and telomerase in the pathology of human cancer and aging Shin et al
Telomeres and telomerase: Pharmacological targets for new anticancer strategies? Pendino et al
Telomeres and telomerase in prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia and prostate cancer biology Meeker
Novel roles for telomerase in aging Geserick et al
Telomeres, interstitial telomeric repeat sequences, and chromosomal aberrations Bolzán et al
Telomeres and telomerase as targets for anticancer drug developmen Olaussen et al
Telomeres, immune aging and autoimmunity Goronzy et al
The telomeric PARP, tankyrases, as targets for cancer therapy Seimiya
The significance of telomeric aggregates in the interphase nuclei of tumor cells Mai et al
Telomere dynamics in genome stability Bhattacharyya et al
New pieces of the pathogenetic mosaic in inflammatory bowel disease Vieth et al
Aneuploidy, stem cells and cancer Pathak et al
Telomeres and telomerase biology in vertebrates: progress towards a non-human model for replicative senescence and ageing
Do telomere dynamics link lifestyle and lifespan? Monaghan et al
Use of telomerase to create bioengineered tissues
Telomerase inhibition and cancer: might platinum based drugs have a future as anti-telomerase pharmacological approach? Colangelo et al
The telomere length dynamic and methods of its assessment Lin et al
Role of HSPs and telomerase in radiotherapy Pandita
Do telomeres ask checkpoint proteins: "gimme shelter-in"? Weinert
Aging of mesenchymal stem cells Sethe et al
Telomeres, telomerase and oral cancer (Review) Sebastian et al
Fine-tuning the chromosome ends: the last base of human telomeres Sfeir et al
Telomerase: is it the future diagnostic and prognostic tool in human cancer? Mabruk et al
The first molecular details of ALT in human tumor cells Muntoni et al
Dyskeratosis congenita: a disorder of defective telomere maintenance? Walne et al
p16INK4a as a second effector of the telomere damage pathway Jacobs et al
Shelterin: the protein complex that shapes and safeguards human telomeres de Lange
The concept of telomeric non-reciprocal recombination (TENOR) applied to human fibroblasts grown in serial cultures: concordance with genealogical data Hasenmaile et al
Telomeres and human disease: ageing, cancer and beyond Blasco
Telomere maintenance, function and evolution: the yeast paradigm Teixeira et al
The central roles of telomeres and subtelomeres in antigenic variation in African trypanosomes Horn et al
Plasmodium telomeres and telomerase: the usual actors in an unusual scenario Figueiredo et al
Making the most of a little: dosage effects in eukaryotic telomere length maintenance Harrington
Telomeres in evolution and evolution of telomeres Fajkus et al
Telomere-specific non-LTR retrotransposons and telomere maintenance in the silkworm, Bombyx mori Fujiwara et al
Two retrotransposons maintain telomeres in Drosophila Pardue et al
Drosophila telomeres: the non-telomerase alternative Melnikova et al
Euchromatic and heterochromatic domains at Drosophila telomeres Biessmann et al
The importance of the telomere and telomerase system in hematological malignancies Ram et al
Telomere attrition as ageing biomarker Bekaert et al
The mechanism of telomere protection: a comparison between Drosophila and humans Cenci et al
Hormones and growth factors regulate telomerase activityin ageing and cancer Bayne et al
The pleiotropy of telomerase against cell death. Mol Cells Sung et al
Ku: a multifunctional protein involved in telomere maintenance Fisher et al
Telomeres: what's new at your end? LeBel et al
Telomere maintenance and tumorigenesis: an "ALT"ernative road Stewart
Telomere and telomerase dynamics in human cells Hahn
Telomeres, telomerase and malignant transformation Opitz
Telomeres, crisis and cancer Greenberg
Telomerase therapeutics for degenerative diseases Harley
Telomeres as biomarkers for ageing and age-related diseases von Zglinicki et al
Telomere dynamics in response to chemotherapy Beeharry et al
Dyskeratosis congenita -- a disease of dysfunctional telomere maintenance Mason et al
Telomere induced senescence: end gamesignaling Chang
Modeling premature aging syndromes with the telomerase knockout mouse Chang
Telomere induced senescence: end game signaling Hezel et al
In the end, it's all structure Crabbe et al
Mitochondria, telomeres and cell senescence Passos et al
Chromosome ends: different sequences may provide conserved functions Louis et al
Telomerase: a potential therapeutic target for cancer Fletcher
The longevity gender gap: are telomeres the explanation? Aviv et al
Distinct phenotype associated with a cryptic subtelomeric deletion of 19p13.3-pter Archer et al
The role of microglial cellular senescence in the aging and Alzheimer diseased brain Flanary
Modeling aging and cancer in the telomerase knockout mouse Chang
New developments in telomere length analysis Baird
Dyskeratosis congenita: telomerase, telomeres and anticipation Marrone et al
In vivo regulation of telomerase activity and telomere length Hathcock et al
Pathways connecting telomeres and p53 in senescence, apoptosis, and cancer Artandi et al
Overcoming the immortality of tumour cells by telomere and telomerase based cancer therapeutics--current status and future prospects Kelland et al
Recombination at mammalian telomeres: an alternative mechanism for telomere protection and elongation Tarsounas et al
Telomere biology: integrating chromosomal end protection with DNA damage response Flanary et al
Telomerase: regulation, function and transformation Dong et al
Aging, telomeres, and atherosclerosis Edo et al
Mice with bad ends: mouse models for the study of telomeres and telomerase in cancer and aging Blasco
Multiple pathways tether telomeres and silent chromatin at the nuclear periphery: functional implications for sir-mediated repression Taddei et al
Telomere length regulation during cloning,embryogenesis and ageing Schaetzlein et al
Telomere dysfunction in aging and cancer Gilley et al
Cancer and aging: the importance of telomeres in genome maintenance Rodier et al
Shared phenotypes among segmental progeroid syndromes suggest underlying pathways of aging Hofer et al
Senescent cells, tumor suppression, and organismal aging: good citizens, bad neighbors Campisi
Techniques in plant telomere biology Fajkus et al
Telomeres and telomerase: their mechanisms of action and the effects of altering their functions Blackburn
Subtelomeric rearrangements as neutral genomic polymorphisms Hengstschläger et al
The telomerase cycle: normal and pathological aspects Brunori et al
Connecting mitotic instability and chromosome aberrations in cancer--can telomeres bridge the gap? Gisselsson et al
Telomere-related genome instability in cancer de Lange
Analysis of telomere length and telomerase activity
Telomeres and human aging: facts and fibs
Dyskeratosis congenita: molecular insights into telomerase function, ageing and cancer
Telomere shortening occurs early during breast tumorigenesis: a cause of chromosome destabilization underlying malignant transformation?
Senescence and functional failure in hematopoietic stem cells
Telomeres, telomerase, and tumorigenesis--a review
Chromosome rearrangements resulting from telomere dysfunction and their role in cancer
Senescence and immortalization: role of telomeres and telomerase
Telomeres, telomerase and cancer: an endless search to target the ends Satyanarayana et al
G-quadruplex interacting agents targeting the telomeric G-overhang are more than simple telomerase inhibitor Riou
Does the reservoir for self-renewal stem from the ends? Harrington
Telomerase as a new target for the treatment of hormone-refractory prostate cancer Biroccio et al
Telomeres and telomerase: a dual role in hepatocarcinogenesis Satyanarayana
Telomere biology in mammalian germ cells and during development Bekaert et al
Telomere dysfunction in genome instability syndromes Callén et al
Telomere length heterogeneity and chromosome instability Londoño-Vallejo
Telomeres and telomerase: new targets for the treatment of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma Lechel et al
Heterozygous telomerase deficiency in mouse and man: when less is definitely not more Mason et al
Telomerase in breast cancer: a critical evaluation Baykal et al
Measuring vertebrate telomeres: applications and limitations Nakagawa et al
Telomeres and telomerase: a modern fountain of youth? de Magalhães et al
Telomere maintenance in clinical medicine Ulaner
Strand-specific fluorescence in situ hybridization: the CO-FISH family Bailey et al
Telomeres: not all breaks are equal Purdy et al
Functional links between telomeres and proteins of the DNA-damage response d'Adda di Fagagna et al
Telomeres, telomerase, and apoptosis de Lange
Telomere length heterogeneity and chromosome instability Mondello et al
Telomeres and the DNA damage response: why the fox is guarding the henhouse Maser et al
Total deletion of in vivo telomere elongation capacity: an ambitious but possibly ultimate cure for all age-related human cancers de Grey et al
Telomeres and telomerase in the fetal origins of cardiovascular disease: a review Demerath et al
Regulation of telomerase by telomeric proteins Smogorzewska et al
Telomere length and telomerase activity: variations with advancing age and potential role in childhood malignancies Polychronopoulou et al
Alternatives to telomerase: keeping linear chromosomes via telomeric circles Tomaska et al
A mouse model of Werner Syndrome: what can it tell us about aging and cancer? Chang
DNA and telomeres: beginnings and endings Bailey et al
Telomeres are double-strand DNA breaks hidden from DNA damage responses Shay et al
Telomeres and DNA damage checkpoints Viscardi et al
Mechanisms of cellular senescence in human and mouse cells Itahana et al
Those dam-aged telomeres! Harrington
Hallmarks of senescence in carcinogenesis and cancer therapy Shay et al
Telomeres and telomerase Chan et al
Telomeres and chromosomal instability Mathieu et al
The role of telomeres in skin aging/photoaging Kosmadaki et al
Telomere length variation and anemia telomerase activity expression in patients with congenital and acquired aplastic anemia Polychronopoulou et al
Telomeres and cardiovascular disease: does size matter? Serrano et al
Telomere biology of human hematopoietic stem cells Elwood
Polypeptide components of telomere nucleoprotein complex Kuimov
Culture models of human mammary epithelial cell breast transformation Stampfer et al
Beginning to understand the end of the chromosome Cech
Indecent exposure: when telomeres become uncappede Ferreira et al
Telomeres, stem cells, senescence, and cancer Sharpless
Recent advances in telomere biology: implications for human cancer Meeker
Is there a link between telomere maintenance and radiosensitivity? Slijepcevic
Telomerase, telomerase inhibition, and cancer
Telomeres, telomerase, and hematopoietic stem cell biology
Replicative senescence and the art of counting
Telomerase as a novel and potentially selective target for cancer chemotherapy
Telomere dynamics unique to meiotic prophase: formation and significance of the bouquet Bass
Composition and conservation of the telomeric complex Kanoh et al
Protecting the terminus: t-loops and telomere end-binding proteins Wei et al
Retrotransposons provide an evolutionarily robust non-telomerase mechanism to maintain telomeres Pardue et al
Telomere higher-order structure and genomic instability Fletcher
The evolving role of telomerase inhibitors in the treatment of cancer Mokbel
Is there a link between telomere maintenance and radiosensitivity? Slijepcevic
Is there a link between telomere maintenance and radiosensitivity? Slijepcevic
Mammalian telomeres and telomerase: why they matter for cancer and aging Blasco
Dyskeratosis congenita: its link to telomerase and aplastic anaemia Dokal et al
Hiding at the ends of yeast chromosomes: telomeres, nucleases and checkpoint pathways Lydall
Yeast telosome complex: components and their functions Dmitriev et al
The role of telomerase activation in the regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation Minamino et al
Telomere maintenance and DNA replication: how closely are these two connected? Chakhparonian et al
Telomerase inhibitors in cancer therapy: current status and future directions Incles et al
Telomerase and cancer Testorelli
Mouse models for telomere and telomerase biology Cheong et ak
Telomerase and the aging heart Heist et al
Telomeres in the chicken: genome stability and chromosome ends Delany et al
Telomeres: a diagnosis at the end of the chromosomes De Vries et al
Telomeres and telomerase in aging, regeneration and cancer Djojosubroto et al
Evolving views of telomerase and cancer Blasco et al
Evolving views of telomerase and cancer Blasco et al
Fingering the ends: how to make new telomeres Cristofari et al
An introduction to telomeres and telomerase Bibby
Telomerase and breast cancer: from diagnosis to therapy Mokbel et al
. Telomere structure, function and maintenance in Arabidopsis Riha et al
Molecular manifestations and molecular determinants of telomere capping Blackburn et al
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