Below is an overview of the sequences that are included within the database grouped by component, telomerase RNA (TR), reverse transcriptase (TERT), associated proteins, and the telomere sequences. The sequences are further organized by taxon. The genbank accession numbers are linked to the record at the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). The headings of each table are linked to additional pages within the database detailing each sequence. The GC% content is not provided for putative/partial sequences. The GC% content has been adjusted, where necessary, to account for any adjustment to the 5' or 3' ends compared to the NCBI record, numbers in parentheses. The headings at the top of each table are linked to more detailed information for sequence for the particular telomerase component. The heading is omitted, in white, where there are currently no known sequences.


Vertebrates TR TERT Others components Telomere sequences
Mammals Homo sapiens (human) U85256/NR_001566 NM_198253 hEst1A TTAGGG
knRNP A1
hnRNP C1/C2
Pan troglodytes (chimpanzee) XM_001141571 (predicted) TTAGGG
XM_001141663 (predicted)
XM_526823 (predicted)
Macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey) XM_001096791 (predicted) TTAGGG
Tupaia glis belangeri (common tree shrew) AF221912 TTAGGG
Oryctolagus cuniculus (domestic rabbit) AF221918 DQ399677 (TERT-like mRNA) TTAGGG
Cavia porcellus (domestic guinea pig) AF221929 TTAGGG
Chinchilla brevicaudata (short-tailed chinchilla) AF221937 TTAGGG
Geomys breviceps (gopher) AF221930 TTAGGG
Microtus ochrogaster (prairie vole) AF221909 TTAGGG
Cricetulus griseus (Chinese hamster) AF221928 TTAGGG
Mesocricetus auratus (golden Syrian hamster) AF149012 TTAGGG
Mus musculus (mouse) AF221922/NR_001579 AF051911 TTAGGG
Mus spretus (western wild mouse) AY058901 TTAGGG
Mus musculus castaneus (Asian house mouse) AY058900 TTAGGG
Rattus norvegicus (Norway rat) AF221916/NR_001567 NM_053423 TTAGGG
Canis familiaris (dog) AF380351 TTAGGG
Mustela putorius furo (domestic ferret) AF221931 TTAGGG
Procyon lotor (raccoon) AF221917 TTAGGG
Felis catus (cat) AF221939 AB094676 (partial sequence) TTAGGG
Bos taurus (cattle) AF221936/NR_001576 NM_001046242 TTAGGG
Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis (barking deer) AY760074 (partial sequence) TTAGGG
Sus scrofa (pig) AF221920 AY785158 (partial sequence) TTAGGG
AF221942 (pseudogene)
Suncus murinus (Asian house shrew) AF221921 TTAGGG
Equus caballus (domestic horse) AF221925 TTAGGG
Dasypus novemcinctus (armadillo) AF221906 TTAGGG
Dasyurus hallucatus (northern quoll) AF221919 TTAGGG
Monodelphis domestica (gray opossum) XM_001369395 (predicted) TTAGGG
Elephas maximus (Asian elephant) AF221932 TTAGGG
Trichechus manatus (Caribbean manatee) AF221923 TTAGGG
Birds Anas platyrhynchos (mallard ducks) DQ681293 (partial sequence) TTAGGG
Coturnix japonica (Japanese quail) DQ681294 TTAGGG
Gallus gallus (chicken) AF221938/NR_001594 AY502592 TTAGGG
Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus (macaw) AF221924 TTAGGG
Chelydra serpentina (snapping turtle) AF221911 TTAGGG
Amphibians Bombina japonica (toad) AF221913 TTAGGG
Xenopus laevis (African clawed frog) AF221908 AF212299 TTAGGG
Ceratophrys ornata (ornate horned frog) AF221926 TTAGGG
Pyxicephalus adspersus (bull frog) AF221940 TTAGGG
Dermophis mexicanus (Mexican caecilian) AF221934 TTAGGG
Herpele squalostoma (Congo caecilians) AF221927 TTAGGG
Typhlonectes natans (Rio Cauca caecilian) AF221910 TTAGGG
Fish Oryzias latipes (Medaka) EF569637 DQ248968 TTAGGG
Oryzias melastigma (Indian medaka) DQ286654 TTAGGG
Nothobranchius furzeri (turquoise killifish) FJ167673 (GRZ) (partial) FJ167671 (GRZ) TTAGGG
FJ167674 (MZM-0403) (partial) FJ167672 (MZM-0403)
Gasterosteus aculeatus (stickleback) EF680234 TTAGGG
Epinephelus coioides (orange-spotted grouper) DQ317442 TTAGGG
Takifugu rubripes (Fugu fish) EF569638 AY861384 TTAGGG
Tetraodon nigroviridis (green puffer fish) EF680233 CAAE01014577 (putative) TTAGGG
Danio rerio (zebrafish) EF569636 EF202140 TTAGGG
Rhizoprionodon porosus (sharpnose shark) AF221915 TTAGGG
Mustelus canis (smooth dogfish shark) AF221933 TTAGGG
Dasyatis sabina (Atlantic stingray) AF221914 TTAGGG
Rhinoptera bonasus (cownose ray) AF221935 TTAGGG


Invertebrates TR TERT Other Components Telomere sequences
Ciona intestinalis (sea squirt) EF077623 TTAGGG
Ciona savignyi (sea squirt) EF514225 TTAGGG
Oikopleura dioica (sea squirt) TTAGGG
Botryllus schlosseri (star ascidian) TTAGGG
Strongylocentrotus purpuratus (purple sea urchin) JQ684708 EF611988 (short)
additional .seq:
FJ615756 (long) additional .seq:
Donax trunculus (wedgeshell clam) TTAGGG
Argopecten irradians (bay scallop) TTAGGG
Cassiopeidae sp. (jellyfish) TTAGGG
Gammarus pulex (freshwater shrimp) TTAGG
Beetles Stegobium paniceum (drugstore beetle) TTAGG
Agrilus viridis (beetle) TTAGG
Arhopalus coreanus (beetle) TTAGG
Spondylis buprestoides (longhorn beetle) TTAGG
Leptinotarsa decemlineata (Colorado potato beetle) TTAGG
Ips typographus (Spruce bark beetle) TTAGG
Graphoderus cinereus (beetle) TTAGG
Ampedus sanguineus (beetle) TTAGG
Diacanthous undosus (beetle) TTAGG
Melanotus legatus (click beetle) TTAGG
Mylabris sp. TCAGG
Typhaea stercorea TCAGG
Silpha obscura (beetle) TTAGG
Oryzaephilus surinamensis (grain beetle) TTAGG
Palorus ratzeburgii (small-eyed flour beetle) TCAGG
Palorus subdepressus TCAGG
Palorus genalis TCAGG
Palorus ficicola TCAGG
Pimelia elevata TCAGG
Pimelia criba TCAGG
Pimelia monticola TCAGG
Tenebrio molitor (yellow mealworm) TCAGG
Tenebrio obscurus TCAGG
Tribolium castaneum (red flour beetle) NM_001040706 TCAGG
Tribolium freemani TCAGG
Tribolium confusum TCAGG
Tribolium madens TCAGG
Tribolium audax TCAGG
Tribolium brevicornis TCAGG
Tribolium anaphe TCAGG
Tribolium destructor TCAGG
Flies Chironomus tentans (fly) satellite sequence
Anopheles gambiae (African malaria mosquito) unequal recombination
Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly) retrotransposons
Drosophila virilis (fly) retrotransposons satellite sequence
Apis mellifera (honey bee) NM_001040681 TTAGG
Manica yessensis (ant) TTAGG
Myrmecia sp. (ant) TTAGG
Tapinoma nigerrimum (ant) TTAGG
Lepidopterans Bombyx mori (domestic silkworm) DQ467676 TTAGG
Bombyx mandarina (wild silkworm) DQ467677 TTAGG
Mamestra brassicae (cabbage moth) TTAGG
Papilio xuthus (butterfly) TTAGG
Ephestia kuehniella (Mediterranean flour moth) TTAGG
Galleria mellonella (wax moth) TTAGG
Antheraea pernyi (Chinese oak silkmoth) TTAGG
Antheraea yamamai (Japanese oak silkmoth) TTAGG
Samia cynthia ricini (Indian silkmoth) TTAGG
Agrius convolvuli (morning glory sphinx moth) TTAGG
Sialis lutaria (alderfly) TTAGG
Stenopsyche japonica (caddisfly) TTAGG
Limnephilus decipiens (caddisfly) TTAGG
Protidricerus japonicus (owlfly) TTAGG
Periplaneta fuliginosa (dusky-brown cockroach) TTAGG
Hodotermopsis japonicus (termite) TTAGG
Locusta migratoria (migratory locust) TTAGG
Diestrammena japonica (camel cricket) TTAGG
Nematodes Ascaris lumbricoides (common roundworm) TTAGGC
Ascaris suum (pig round worm) TTAGGC
Parascaris univalens TTGCA
Caenorhabditis elegans NM_059972 TTAGGC
NM_059973 (N' truncation)
Caenorhabditis remanei DQ178631
Caenorhabditis briggsae CAE66970 (draft sequence)


Fungi TR TERT Others components Telomere sequences
Schizosaccharomyces pombe (fission yeast) EU239354 AF015783 SpEst1 G2–8TTAC(A)
Saccharomycotina Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast) S288 NC_001134 (11-1168) AM296251 Est1p T(G)2-3(TG)1-6
Sm proteins
PinX1/ Gno1p
Saccharomyces pastorianus (lager yeast) AY639014
Saccharomyces kudriavzevii AY639012 AM296265
Saccharomyces cariocanus AY639010
Saccharomyces bayanus AY639013 AM296250 T(G)2-3(TG)1-6
Saccharomyces paradoxus AY639015 AM296271 T(G)2-3(TG)1-6
Saccharomyces mikatae AY639011 AM296270 T(G)2-3(TG)1-6
Saccharomyces exiguus T(G)2-3(TG)1-6
Saccharomyces dairenensis TCTGGG(TG)1-3
Saccharomyces castellii TCTGGGTG
Kluyveromyces lactis U31465 CR382123 ACGGATTTGATTAGGTATGTGGTGT
Kluyveromyces wickerhamii AY151281
Kluyveromyces nonfermentans AY151280
Kluyveromyces marxianus AY151279 (118-1633)
Kluyveromyces dobzhanskii AY151278
Kluyveromyces aestuarii AY151277
Candida albicans EF647866 XM_712533 ACGGATGTCTAACTTCTTGGTGT
Candida glabrata NC_006032 (668084-670574) XM_444808 (hypothetical) CTGGGTGCTGTGGGGT
Candida guillermondii ACTGGTGT
Debaryomyces hansenii XM_458163 (hypothetical) ATGTTGAGGTGTAGGG
Ashbya gossypii (Eremothecium gossypii) NM_212177 GTGTGGTGTATGGGTCTCTCAGCG
Lodderomyces elongisporus XM_001528127 (hypothetical) CGGTGTAAGGATGCACTTGAAACT
Pichia guilliermondii XM_001482068 (hypothetical) ACTGGTGT
Yarrowia lipolytica XM_502732 (hypothetical) GGACGATTG
Pezizomycotina Aspergillus fumigatus XM_743958 TTAGGG
Aspergillus oryzae AP007151 (partial sequence) TTAGGGTCAACA
Aspergillus clavatus XM_001273296
Aspergillus niger XM_001396218 (hypothetical)
Aspergillus nidulans XM_656265 (hypothetical) TTAGGG
Aspergillus terreus XM_001213525 (hypothetical)
Neosartorya fischeri XM_001261378
Histoplasma capsulatum TTAGGG
Coccidioides immitis XM_001240369 (hypothetical)
Cladosporium fulvum TTAGGG
Gibberella zeae XM_381218 (hypothetical)
Magnaporthe grisea (rice blast fungus) XM_363691 (hypothetical) TTAGGG
Chaetomium globosum XM_001220720 (hypothetical)
Podospora anserina TTAGGG
Neurospora crassa XM_958854 (hypothetical) TTAGGG
Talaromyces stipitatus XM_002482751 (putative)
Coprinopsis cinerea AACS01000191 (hypothetical)
Cryptococcus neoformans TTA(G)4-6
Ustilago maydis XM_751815 (hypothetical)
Encephalitozoon cuniculi XM_950490 G[A/GGCCT[C/T]CT
Mold Dictyostelium discoideum XM_628870 (hypothetical) AG1-8
Physarum polycephalum TTAGGG
Didymium iridis TTAGGG

* The Genbank records have been adjusted for the 5’ and 3’ ends, numbers in parentheses.


Plants TR TERT Other Components Telomere sequences
Eudicots Nicotiana tabacum (common tobacco) TTAGGG
Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) TT[T/A]GGG
Strombosia pustulata (Italian olive ash) TTTTGGGG
Arabidopsis thaliana (thale cress) HQ401284 (TER1) (partial) AF135454 TTTAGGG
HQ401285 (TER2) (partial)
Monocots Aloe sp. TTAGGG
Doryanthes excelsa (Gymea lily) AY790923
Hosta rectifolia (day lily) AY850586 (partial sequence)
Muscari armeniacum (grape hyacinth) DQ073065 (partial sequence)
Ornithogalum virens (hyacinth) AY850597 (partial sequence)
Scilla peruviana (Peruvian jacinth) AY818158 (partial sequence)
Iris tectorum (Japanese roof Iris) DQ057997
Phragmipedium longifolium DQ073072 (partial sequence)
Oryza sativa (rice) AF288216
Hordeum vulgare (barley) AY363163 (partial sequence)
Zea mays (maize) AY818188


Algae TR TERT Other Components Telomere sequences
Galdieria sulphuraria (red algae)
Cyanidioschyzon merolae (red algae) AATGGGGGG
Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (green algae) TTTTAGGG
Ostreococcus lucimarinus (green algae) XM_001417260 (predicted)
Ostreococcus tauri (green algae) CR954204


Ciliates TR TERT Others components Telomere sequences
Oligohymenophorea Glaucoma chattoni (no Genbank ID available) TTGGGG
Glaucoma sp. ME60q AF417612
Tetrahymena thermophila AF399707 AF062652 p75 TTGGGG
Tetrahymena malaccensis (no Genbank ID available)
Tetrahymena pyriformis (no Genbank ID available)
Tetrahymena vorax U22354
Tetrahymena borealis U22350
Tetrahymena silvana U22353
Tetrahymena australis U22349
Tetrahymena pigmentosa (no Genbank ID available)
Tetrahymena hyperangularis (no Genbank ID available)
Tetrahymena capricornis U22351
Tetrahymena hegewischi (no Genbank ID available)
Tetrahymena paravorax U22352
Colpidium striatum AF417611
Colpidium colpoda AF417610
Colpidium campylum AF417609
Paramecium tetraurelia U45433 AF515460 TT[T/G]GGG
Paramecium primaurelia U45434 TT[T/G]GGG
U45435 (pseudo gene)
Paramecium multimicronucleatum U45436 TT[T/G]GGG
Paramecium caudatum U45437 AB035309 TT[T/G]GGG
Spirotrich Euplotes aediculatus U10565 EAU95964 p43 TTTTGGGG
Euplotes eurystomus U10566 AY303935 (partial sequence) TTTTGGGG
Euplotes crassus M33461 AY267543 (micronuclear) TTTTGGGG
AY267544 (macronuclear)
Euplotes raikovi AY303932 (partial sequence)
Euplotes rariseta AY303936 (partial sequence)
Euplotes minuta AY303934 (partial sequence)
Euplotes vannus AY303933 (partial sequence)
Oxytricha nova (Sterkiella nova) U10567 TTTTGGGG
Oxytricha trifallax (Sterkiella histriomuscorum) U10568 AF060230 TTTTGGGG
Stylonychia mytilis U10570
Stylonychia lemnae U10569

Other Protists

Other Protists TR TERT Other Components Telomere sequences
Aplicomplexans Plasmodium falciparum (human parasite) AL929357 (96976-98058) (putative) AX112155 (partial sequence) TT[T/C]AGGG
Plasmodium vivax (human parasite) (PlasmoDB) (putative) XM_001617019 (hypothetical)
Plasmodium knowlesi (monkey parasite) (PlasmoDB) (putative) (PlasmoDB)
Plasmodium berghei (rodent parasite) (PlasmoDB) (putative) (PlasmoDB) TT[T/C]AGGG
Plasmodium chabaudi chabaudi (rodent parasite) (PlasmoDB) (putative) XM_737184 (hypothetical)
Plasmodium yoelii yoelii (rodent parasite) (PlasmoDB) (putative) XM_719577 (hypothetical)
Plasmodium gallinaceum (chicken parasite) (PlasmoDB) (putative)
Theileria annulata XM_950122 (partial sequence) TTTTAGGG
Cryptosporidium parvum AY034376 TTTAGG
Cryptosporidium hominis XM_662704 (partial sequence)
Eimeria tenella GU271118
Toxoplasma gondii AM055943 (hypothetical)
Giardia lamblia XM_773419 (partial sequence) TTAGG
Giardia intestinalis AF195121 TAGGG
Kenetoplastids Leishmania braziliensis AY268078 (partial sequence)
Leishmania major AY232305 (partial sequence) TTAGGG
Leishmania donovani AY780672 (partial sequence)
Leishmania amazonensis AY232307
Leishmania infantum XM_001469585
Trypanosoma cruzi XM_814105 (partial sequence)
Trypanosoma brucei AY904042 TTAGGG

* The Genbank records have been adjusted for the 5’ and 3’ ends, numbers in parentheses.


Viruses TR TERT Other Components Telomere Sequences
MDV-1 (Marek’s disease alphaherpesvirus 1) RB1B AF331499 (160-601)
MDV-2 (Marek’s disease alphaherpesvirus 2) GA AF147806 (246-691)
Md5 AF243438 (1676-2117)
RM-1 EF526179 (3436-3877) (reverse complement)

* The Genbank records have been adjusted for the 5’ and 3’ ends, numbers in parentheses.